3 Ways to Save with Solar Power

You could save $30,000–$40,000 over the course of 20 years by going solar. Every day we awaken to the warmth and brightness of the sun. This natural light can be directly transformed into clean energy with the use of solar panels. Each panel consists of solar cells...

How to Survive The End of the World…

Everyone has seen at least one “end of the world” or “post-apocalyptic” show/movie in their lifetime. Our media is too flooded with them for you to not have. Shows like “The Walking Dead” have become favorites among the masses, and many of us sit around with friends passionately talking about what we’d do if we were in those situations. In our visions of grandeur, we usually emerge as heroes like the fake characters we see on TV, not realizing that Hollywood has a tendency to water down just how ugly, traumatic, and dark the end of the world really will be.

Smart Energy Management = More $$$ For Your Business

How Knowing Your Area’s TOU Can Save You Thousands What is “TOU”, you ask?  For anyone who doesn’t know, TOU = Time of Use, as in the rates that you are charged for power depending on the time of day it is. Time of Use rates are basically how the electric company...


Your Guide to Natural Organic and Sustainable Living for the Urban Community





 Learn how to transition to an eco-friendly, natural or more sustainable lifestyle.